History Restored: Milwaukee City Hall

We love history. And we believe the best way to connect you to it is to provide you with clear, crisp images that truly take you back in time.

The techniques of digital restoration we employ can work wonders on an old, worn photograph. It can turn an aged and faded image into one that rivals one taken with modern digital technology. A historic image can hang in high resolution on your walls, comparable to those taken just yesterday.

To get there takes a lot of work, but we know that it’s worth it.

Over time, a variety of environmental factors can cause the degradation of a photograph. Usually we see many of these forces working at once to product a combination of fading, color casts and physical damage (rips, tears, stains and scratches). To combat these ills takes patience, skill, and the experience to know what should be applied when.

Each of the following factors contributing to the degradation of a historic photograph must be handled with a unique technique:

  • Fading is combated by restoring contrast and dynamic range.
  • Color Casts are corrected by using White Balance and Color Adjustment tools.
  • Physical Damage is handled with selective techniques to restore the affected areas to their original appearance.

Through this blog, we will be sharing with you the stories of some of our most esteemed image restorations. We want you to understand our process and get excited to see what we can do.

This image of Milwaukee’s City Hall was taken by a photographer from the Detroit Publishing Company in 1900, as their team toured across the country documenting the rise of cities.

Through a carefully perfected and laborious restoration process, we have digitally removed the color cast, evened out the brightness and contrast to enhance the details of the buildings, removed any dust and scratches found, and created a high definition image designed to make the best of our history accessible to you.