Historic Map : Bonne Map of Louisiana and The British Colonies in North America, 1776, Vintage Wall Art
Historic Map : Bonne Map of Louisiana and The British Colonies in North America, 1776, Vintage Wall Art

Historic Map : Bonne Map of Louisiana and The British Colonies in North America, 1776, Vintage Wall Art

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Printed in 1776, on the cusp of the American Revolutionary War, this is Bonne's important map of Louisiana and the British claims in North America. Covers from the Grand Banks south to Florida and westward as far as Mexico and Texas. Shows the British holdings in America at their fullest extent. Following the French and Indian War, the British laid claims to all of Canada and the entire Great Lakes region. France maintained its hold on the territory west of the Mississippi River to New Mexico. This map is extremely rich in detail offering and naming countless American Indian settlements and villages. Also names a number of early French forts and trading posts along the Missouri and other westward tributaries of the Mississippi. The Great Lakes are laid out with a close approximation of accuracy though several apocryphal islands are shown in Lake Superior. A red line just north of the great lakes marks the southernmost boundary to the lands claimed by the Hudson Bay Company. Southern Florida is drawn as an archipelago in an early attempt to depict the Everglades. Names Niagara Falls as well as numerous French forts along the Mississippi and further west. Bonne also issued a slightly earlier edition of this map in 1771 joined to an associated map of what is today eastern Canada. Drawn by R. Bonne in 1776 for issue as plate no. A 32 in Jean Lattre's 1776 issue of the Atlas Moderne .

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I purchased an historic map, 16x24 inch. It is beautifully printed on heavy stock. The lettering, colors, and details of the map are crisp and easy to read. I am highly satisfied and would certainly purchase from Historic Pictoric again!

Kent A.

Ordered the Pan American Midway print to fit a lovely thrift-store gilded frame. I love showing off Buffalo's rich history and this is a pretty entertaining photo from 1901. Prompt shipping. Sturdy packaging.

Cindy O.

I received my print within days of ordering, and it arrived well packed in a mailing tube. The print is high quality and exactly as advertised. I will use Historic Pictoric again in the future!

Cheryl H.

Excellent product. Great fidelity in reproduction of the original. Fine/minute details were sharp, colors were vibrant, and thickness, texture and overall feel and quality of the paper were excellent. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Konrad B.

I have purchased six maps from Historic Pictoric. I find the quality to be excellent. Their customers service is also excellent. Outstanding! I called to exchange a few for different sizes and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Aaron C.

The original map I ordered lacked some of the detail that I had hoped for, but they responded with several more map possibilities to choose from. Excellent service- a far step beyond what anyone expects from online purchases.

Dan M.

I am a owner of 5 maps from Historic Pictoric. From Okinawa, 1945, Europe 1940-1945 battle maps. Now they’re helping me with the battle of Gettysburg. These maps are so much superior to the map on a page in a book. I have framed two of them.

Steven Ko

Great heavy paper quality and clarity of my nautical map. Will be a great addition to our home close to the beach!

Jennifer A

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