Historic Map : De Bry and de Veer Map of Nova Zembla and The Northeast Passage, 1601, Vintage Wall Art
Historic Map : De Bry and de Veer Map of Nova Zembla and The Northeast Passage, 1601, Vintage Wall Art

Historic Map : De Bry and de Veer Map of Nova Zembla and The Northeast Passage, 1601, Vintage Wall Art

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A highly important map regarding the early search for a Northeast Passage. This remarkable map was drawn in 1601 by Theodore de Bry to describe the ill fated third voyage of the Dutch explorer William Barentsz in search of the Northeast Passage. The map depicts the Island of Nova Zemba, or Novaya Zemlya, in the Russian Arctic along with two stunning compass roses, numerous rhumb lines, and a multitude of seals and sea monsters. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries the concept of a Northeast Passage through the Arctic to Asia held the same significance as North America's Northwest Passage. The nations of Northern Europe, particularly Russia and Holland, were eager to find an easy route to Asia via the Arctic in order to access the lucrative trade with China and India. Barentsz's first expedition in 1594, in which he discovered Novaya Zemlya and a number of other Arctic Islands, was widely publicized in Europe and led to the assumption that a Northwest Passage may indeed be feasible. His second voyage, 1595, was considered a truncated failure due to inclement weather and ice packs in the Kara Sea. A year later, his third voyage in 1596 was a utter disaster. Our map details Barentsz's route as he passes north of Finland and thus into the Russian Arctic. On a darker note, Nova Zembla, or more appropriately in this case Novaya Zemlya, was also the site of Russian nuclear testing during the Cold War. The world's largest above ground nuclear detonation, the 50 megaton Tsar Bomba, exploded here n 1961. Drawn by Gerhardo de Veer, a survivor of all three of Barentsz's expeditons, and published c. 1601 by Theodore de Bry in the third issue of the first Latin edition of Grands et Petits Voyages .

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I purchased an historic map, 16x24 inch. It is beautifully printed on heavy stock. The lettering, colors, and details of the map are crisp and easy to read. I am highly satisfied and would certainly purchase from Historic Pictoric again!

Kent A.

Ordered the Pan American Midway print to fit a lovely thrift-store gilded frame. I love showing off Buffalo's rich history and this is a pretty entertaining photo from 1901. Prompt shipping. Sturdy packaging.

Cindy O.

I received my print within days of ordering, and it arrived well packed in a mailing tube. The print is high quality and exactly as advertised. I will use Historic Pictoric again in the future!

Cheryl H.

Excellent product. Great fidelity in reproduction of the original. Fine/minute details were sharp, colors were vibrant, and thickness, texture and overall feel and quality of the paper were excellent. Very satisfied with my purchase.

Konrad B.

I have purchased six maps from Historic Pictoric. I find the quality to be excellent. Their customers service is also excellent. Outstanding! I called to exchange a few for different sizes and I could not have asked for a better experience.

Aaron C.

The original map I ordered lacked some of the detail that I had hoped for, but they responded with several more map possibilities to choose from. Excellent service- a far step beyond what anyone expects from online purchases.

Dan M.

I am a owner of 5 maps from Historic Pictoric. From Okinawa, 1945, Europe 1940-1945 battle maps. Now they’re helping me with the battle of Gettysburg. These maps are so much superior to the map on a page in a book. I have framed two of them.

Steven Ko

Great heavy paper quality and clarity of my nautical map. Will be a great addition to our home close to the beach!

Jennifer A

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